Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning: A transformative perspective

The paper focuses on the Italian higher education context, where the number of minority students has significantly increased in the last decades. As reported in scientific literature, attending multicultural campuses can be associated with richer educational experiences that enhance professional and personal skills. According to this recent literature the construct of Culturally Responsive Teaching is a key aspect for this enhancement. The research described herein aims to investigate the meaning perspectives of minority students enrolled in the University of Siena in Italy and employs a qualitative approach to gain insight into teaching strategies that use students' cultures as methodologies to promote transformative learning. The emerging themes authors found analyzing interviews conducted with students are the meanings they give to the possibility of attending university, the inclusive and culturally responsive teaching strategies that faculty members apply in the class, and the different culture-based learning experience students live.

Format: Paper Presentation


Nicolina Bosco, University of Siena
Alessandra Romano, University of Siena
Mario Giampaolo, University of Siena
Loretta Fabbri, University of Siena
Session Date & Time: Sat, 09 Apr 2022 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EDT