Understanding Transformative Learning Experience During a Global Pandemic through Trio-Autoethnographic Dialogues

This study employs a trio-ethnographic research design, by connecting three autoethnographies to create a better understanding of the process of transformative learning during the global pandemic. The goal of this paper is to expand our understanding of transformative learning experiences from teacher and student perspectives and share our lessons learned from this process. In this study, a teacher (an assistant professor) and two graduate students (all females, age range 30-45) from a midwestern university engage in a dialogue about their experiences of creating and engaging in a transformative learning experience. For the data collection process, we chose photographs, poetry, and narratives. It also includes reflections from the authors at different times in their learning process throughout and after the semester. These stories present personalized narratives of moments of vulnerability, and the challenges of transformative learning. In this paper, we will provide insight into how transformation was understood and experienced by students, how a transformative learning experience was created, and the role and implications of transformative learning experiences for teachers and students in graduate level classes. We hope this paper will be helpful for educators who intend to use transformative learning theory as a foundation of their pedagogical practice.

Format: Paper Presentation


Sara Bano, North Dakota State University
Melanie Fierstine, North Dakota State University
Julie Ketterling, North Dakota State University
Session Date & Time: Wed, 06 Apr 2022 | 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT