Future of Work: A Solicitation for Critical-Ecological Perspective of Transformative Learning

This paper aims to seek the position of transformative learning theory in the future of work context which requires the individuals to critically examine the neoliberal logic embedded in the technological affordances. In the backdrop of the critical inquiry around the future of work which reveals that alienation and commodification of labor in neoliberalism persist and are pronounced in the future of work (Crawford, 2021; Rosenblat, 2018; Stiegler, 2015), this paper seeks to explore how transformative sustainable education (Lange, 2004, 2018; O’Neil, 2018; O’Sullivan, 1999) serves the role of a pedagogical vehicle which stimulates adult learners’ engagement with the ideology critique (Brookfield, 2001). This paper explores the role of learning in the technocratic managerial practice in the future of work intersect by intersecting both the critical perspective of transformative learning and transformative sustainable education. By doing so, this paper proposes a conceptual framework of transformative learning that puts the pronounced emphasis on relational ontology (Lange, 2018) and on criticality (Brookfield, 2001).

Format: Paper Presentation


Ahreum Lim, University of Georgia
Session Date & Time: Wed, 06 Apr 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EDT