The impact of applied transformative learning techniques to potentiate learner’s transformative disposition on critical issues

The basic axe of the presentation is to elaborate on the idea that a critical way of observing works of art can help the learner to reconsider his/her established perceptions about crucial maters and to see in a bright new way his/her habits of mind. Likewise, by observing a work of art, using rational discourse, we can evaluate critically the validity of our own perceptions or beliefs and therefore we can question the reliability of assumptions that we taking as granted (Mezirow, 1998).

Two proposed techniques are presented:

Α) “Observing consciously”(OC) (Mega, 2019)

Β) Notice-Accept- Reconsider my truths (NART) (Mega, 2018)

The approach also draws from Dewey's point of view on art in education (Dewey,1934). Project Zero’s ideas from Harvard School of Education is also being utilized (Perkins,1994).

Both teaching techniques have been applied in a real educational context, by 6 postgraduate students who are adult educators in practice. The results of the implementation of the techniques in real educational setting recognize -among others-that reflection and self-confidence are two life skills that can be enhanced during transformative learning procedures that use works of art as a vehicle for unlock deep-rooted dysfunctional perceptions.

Format: Paper Presentation


Georgia Mega, Hellenic Open University
Session Date & Time: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT