Debating Applied Transformation via Translational Research: Evidencing Impact in Practice-Based Research

Interdisciplinary professional doctoral pathways and their associated learning trajectories are now a recognised mechanism of operationalising translational research from the context of work-based praxis. These programmes differ from traditional reductionist approaches to knowledge creation, impacting directly on the capacity of researchers to identify, analyse and explore epistemic knowledge and the influence this has upon the assumptions they bring to the solutions focused research they undertake. The transformational impact that this has, not only in delineating the epistemic basis of research questions from the epistemic bias of the researcher, is little reported in the literature but serves to challenge assumption, raise aspiration and fuel systematic question led research. This round table provides an open forum for invited discussion of a proposed framework for the evaluation of impact of Professional Doctorate research in applied practice. Developed by the presenters, this meeting will serve to engage academic staff, stakeholders and students in active debate of what constitutes impact in relation to transformation and how this might be best evidenced in practice at the front line of healthcare. The round table discussion has particular resonance, when considering the global pandemic that many Allied Health Professionals have served and continue to serve within.

Format: Roundtable Session


Catherine Hayes, University of Sunderland & University of Cumbria
Ian Corrie, University of Cumbria & University of Sunderland
Session Date & Time: Fri, 08 Apr 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT