Managing Energy for Peak Performance: Expanding individual and group capacity through transformative learning

This is an exploratory paper that examines a novel approach to increasing employee effectiveness and encouraging more moments of peak performance through educating and coaching individuals and teams on The Ten Pillar Model of Giving and Replenishing Energy. This paper was formulated out of the authors’ everyday work practice as leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the desire to write this paper was spurred from the authors’ personal commitment to lifelong learning, wellbeing, and their desire to co-create a strong community of practice (in their respective organizations) where people are more apt to thrive at work and in life. The paper will 1) explore the need for a more holistic and healthy approach to performance management in the workplace, 2) describe the authors’ framework for giving and replenishing energy, 3) consider the transformative learning potential at work and in life of using such an approach, and 4) discuss opportunities for future research and practice.

Format: Roundtable Session


Connie Watson, Connie Watson Consulting
Todd Boucher, Leading Edge Design Group
Session Date & Time: Fri, 08 Apr 2022 | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT