Creative Listening Workshop: Exploring the Potential for Transformational Learning

The Creative Listening Workshop (CLW) utilizes movement, breath, and visual dialogue to prepare the participant for foundational transformative listening. CLW aims to promote transformative learning by shifting perceptions and cultural and psychic assumptions relating to oneself and others. This holistic approach to transformative learning, through creative listening, has the potential to provide a bridge between our intuitive and subconscious selves and the material world, thus transcending the inherent division of the person as subject and the world as object. Listening as a creative process can merge unconscious perceptions with artistic expressions to help participants navigate more meaningfully in communities of practice.

Participants will engage in experiential activities to activate listening including: breathwork, gestures, movement, drawing and writing using both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. Applications to transformative learning will be discussed. Please bring paper and drawing or writing materials to the session.

Format: Experiential Session


Dagmar Spain, Teachers College Columbia University, New York
Randee Lawrence, Teachers College Columbia University, New York
Ayelet Aldouby-Efraim, Teachers College Columbia University, New York
Session Date & Time: Sat, 09 Apr 2022 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EDT