Seeking a Reliable Process for Identifying Transformative Learning Outcomes in Events Capable of Producing Transformative Learning

Literature is replete on the importance of Transformative Learning (TL) in solving global sustainability problems. This is evidenced in the application of the Transformative Learning Theory (TLT) in diverse fields of studies such as in Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability, and in Education for Sustainable Development. Efforts have been made in developing and applying tools (although on sporadic individual case studies) for identifying Transformative Learning Processes (TLP)s/indicators which can be used by educators and researchers for effective analysis of TLPs in events capable of yielding transformative learning outcomes (TLO)s. However, there has been lack of studies which present a reliable TLP tool with evidence of use of such tool in consistent identification of TLPs in multiple studies. If this is achieved, it will present researchers and educators with a reliable tool which can be used to study in-depth, the mechanisms in TLP and allows focus on specific processes/indicators which contribute most to TL/O in TL events and experiences. Using qualitative design in a multiple case studies, we analyzed for the reliability of TLP frameworks used in TL studies when applied in a multiple case study involving values based event established to be capable of yielding TLOs.

Format: Paper Presentation


Felix Dike, University of Nigeria Nsukka
Session Date & Time: Fri, 08 Apr 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT