Strengthening inner knowing for resilient leadership

The past two years have reiterated to the whole world that we are living in increasingly unpredictable and complex times. To respond wisely, we would benefit from nurturing the skills, confidence for, and ways of being, individually and collectively as resilient leaders. In formal education systems today, with the increasing focus on measurable knowledge, educators are restricted in the time and space allowed to experientially nurture collectively resilient leaders. We seek to support educators in this endeavour by sharing our experiences of how we provide students with transformative conditions and experiences that nurture their resilience and leadership confidence within formal education settings.

Our model for transformative learning which fosters collective resilience and leadership in a volatile and ambiguous world, includes three aspects. Firstly, our proposed model involves slowing down to connect with self and access trans-rational ways of inner knowing. Secondly, our model includes processes which allow learners to act based on these integrated forms of awareness from the emerging future. Finally, underpinning these processes are the enabling conditions created by facilitators which allow the learners to step openly into the ways of being and knowing.

Format: Experiential Session


Betty O'Neill, University of Technology Sydney
Monique Potts, University of Technology Sydney
Katie Ross, University of Technology Sydney
Session Date & Time: Fri, 08 Apr 2022 | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT